Not only do vaccinations of your pets keep them healthy and happy but they also prevent diseases from being spread to other animals or people if your pet ever bites someone.

Our veterinary professionals at Jackson Hwy Veterinary Clinic, Inc. work with you to tailor a unique immunization program that gives your pet the best protection from disease.

Our suggested vaccine protocols are based on an "average" pet. While this is helpful information, it may not apply to your specific animal or situation.

The temperature of the "Over the Counter Vaccine" cannot be guaranteed. You may do your best to keep the vaccine cold as is intended but what about the shopper in front of you?

Example: Mr. Smith, looking in the feed store, selects an "Over the Counter Vaccine" from the cooler. He tools around the store gets to the counter and decides he’d rather buy something else than pay for vaccination that day and sets the vaccine on a random counter. The next day the vaccine is restocked and the shot is useless. Unfortunately, you pick the same package and inject your pet with an unstable vaccination.

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